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After the Civil War, my family settled in the southern part of Florida. For the last 150 years of our rich heritage, we have been involved in agriculture, farming cattle, and growing citrus all over the southern half of the state. Because of our history, we have access to over 1,000,000 acres of beautiful private land. In addition, we also have 300 or more gator tags available per year. Boar, hogs, and quail are plentiful for hunting as well. We have World Record Black Buck, Axis, and my Buffalo are, without a doubt, amazing.


Lodges are available with our comfortable king and/or queen size beds. All rooms are private and our friendly staff is available 24/7, for any and all needs. In addition, late night snacks are cooked to order. We serve excellent, succulent, fresh Florida grouper, snapper, tuna, crab, lobster, and/or shrimp, along with rib eye beef streaks, pork steaks, or anything else our hunters might wish each night.


Hunting is excellent with 100% opportunity. The typical hunting trip yields 3-4 alligators and 4-6 boar per hunters on a 3 day/4 night adventure. We like to hunt primarily spot and stalk from many different conveyances, including, but not limited to: large, big wheeled swamp buggies, air-boats, horses, and trucks. We do have the option of still hunting from a stand or ground blind if the hunter wishes. Pure Adrenaline Adventures is proud to offer the finest shooting systems in the industry for your use. We have Best of the West rifles with Huskemaw Optics. Our custom built shooting systems have less felt recoil than a .223 with precision perfect shot placement accuracy from inside 20 yards to out past 1,000 yards. We offer shooting courses for any size group to engage multiple steel targets at any range you wish. Hunters are welcome to bring any weapons they chose for any and all species. Please just specifiy what and how you wish to hunt and we can make it happen.



We like to take gators in the 9′ to 11′ range. Alligators of this size are massive and are incredible trophies, generally weighing around 400 to 700 pounds! There will also be opportunities to take trophies less than 9′. On our last hunt, we were blessed to take a gigantic, prehistoric, dinosaur like beast! It measured over 13′ long and weighed almost a half a ton! This Big Bull Gator was between 80 and 100 years old, and even though trophies like this are possible, they are not as common and can certainly take more time to find. Our hunts are fun and always action packed, with lots of shooting opportunities. We aim to please, so we will accommodate whatever type of trophies you want and we feel very confident in providing 9′ to 12′ alligators for you and your group. See pricing for details. NOTE: Taxidermy will come pick up hides from my cooler in Florida for work, but if you want a different taxidermist, then just pay shipping to wherever you choose. NOTE: Sebring Tannery does extremely good work tanning hides. There are several options for colors and then the hides can be used to make boots, belts, purses, wallets, etc. If you want a different tannery to do the work, then just pay shipping to wherever you choose.



Fantastic quail hunting is available September through April. Our limit is 12 birds per hunter, with more birds available at an additional price. See pricing for details.



We spot hogs/boar from the buggies on the same ranches we hunt gators. As an alternate hunting method, we can trophy boar hunt with dogs used to bay/hold huge boar that the hunter can take with any weapon the hunter wishes, for example, a spear, knife, bow, etc. See pricing for details.



There are amazing fishing opportunities available and we recommend it on the back end of your hunt. We can fish inshore or offshore with a private island beach house.

Alligator Hunt Pricing

Alligators are generally sold by the foot.

Up to 8 Foot


8+ Foot


9+ Foot


10+ Foot


11+ Foot


12+ Foot


13+ Foot

Price on Request


Includes: Lodging, food, and tags

Package Price: $3,000/per gator

9′, 10′, 11′ average range up to 12′ | 2 Gator Minimum/per hunter OR 4 Gator Minimum/per hunt

Quail Hunt Pricing

Fantastic Bob White Quail hunting behind excellent dogs! September-April. $400/per hunter for 1/2 day | includes 12 birds/per hunter Additional birds available for $8.75.

Hog/Boar Hunt Pricing

Available While Hunting Gators

Meat Hog — $295

Trophy Boar — $495 Over 150lbs & Over 2″ tusk/teeth

Trophy Boar — Taken with Spear, Knife or Any Means Hunter Likes — $795 Bayed with Dogs for UP CLOSE, in YOUR FACE action! Filmed so you can share your adventures!

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